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3 Things To Love About Frandoodles

Welcome to our FIRST blog post on our website!

2021 to us is all about self-love and growth.

SO! We compiled a list of the best reasons to love Frandoodles!


  1. Frandoodles is run by a young couple. Our names are Frannie and Jesse. We purchased our home right before the pandemic. Jesse lost regular work (his passion is in the live production industry), and Frannie took a leap into running the business full time. We know struggle, we know hard work. Hence, we know you work hard for your money so we only offer the best products we see value in!
  2. Frandoodles prides ourselves on creating the best custom gifts! Send us your ideas and we do our best to bring them to life!
  3. We do as much as we can to help out our community! We help with fundraisers! Frannie is an ambassador for the Brewster Chamber of Commerce and regularly helps with Relay For Life of Brewster. We are looking to get involved more in our new hometown of New Fairfield!


We thank you for taking the time to read a little about us! We are always working towards growth for all! Remember to always be kind, to yourself and others!

Talk to you soon!