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Home Craft Kit

Home Craft Kit

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Choose your project type and then send us a quick email to discuss your design options! We are more than happy to work with you to put together the perfect design!

Each kit includes step-by-step instructions and all materials you need except for the following:

  • Apron(optional)
  • Water
  • Credit/Debit/Gift Card
  • Sewing Needle or other sharp point
  • Paper towels

Kits available (please note- there are a limited quantity of each so order as soon as you can!):

  • 12"x12"(approx) wood sign- $17
  • Cheeseboard- $25
  • Farmhouse Clock (approx 24" and includes working mechanism)- $60
  • Round Serving Tray (approx 18")- $30
  • Lazy Susan (approx 18")- $35
  • Coaster set of 4 (approx 3-4" each- additional cost for epoxy coating)- $12($17 with epoxy)*
  • Coaster set of 6- $15($20 with epoxy)*
  • Two Canvas Bags to paint- $25
  • Bottle Opener Plank- $24
  • Beer Caddy- $35

*Please note- if you would like your coaster slices sealed with epoxy, you will need to get them back to me so I can seal them(takes approximately 2-3 days)

Each kit includes a reusable Frandoodles canvas bag(while supplies last)!

Don't forget to shoot us an email once you place your order so we can discuss all the details and get you your kit(s) as quickly as possible!

 Please select "Pick Up In Person" at checkout! I will be delivering these to your home with no contact!

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